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2018 international pharmaceutical raw material India exhibit

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2018 international pharmaceutical raw material India exhibition CPhI India

I. exhibition name: 2018 international pharmaceutical raw material India exhibition CPhI India

Ii. Exhibition time: December 12-14, 2018

Location: mumbai, India

Iv. Exhibition hall: new hall (BKC) December 12-14, 2017

Old pavilion (BEC) December 13-15, 2017

V. exhibition introduction:

Since its first launch in 2005, the exhibition has attracted wide attention from manufacturers and traders of API from all over the world, especially from China, thanks to the booming pharmaceutical market in India.
With a net area of about 55,000 square meters, the exhibition has attracted more than 1,100 companies from more than 100 countries and regions, including China, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and Singapore, and nearly 380 companies from India.
During the exhibition, 35,000 people attended the exhibition, most of whom were manufacturers and traders from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other south Asian regions.
Like other CPhI series exhibitions, this exhibition focuses on the latest products and technologies in various fields such as pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical machinery and equipment, service outsourcing and biomedicine, and is dedicated to helping people in the industry find high-quality and low-cost product solutions.
Since 2016, CPhI India exhibition will be held simultaneously at the Bombay international exhibition center and the BKC diamond exhibition hall.
The new BKC diamond pavilion is about 30-40 minutes' drive from the old mumbai international pavilion. Free shuttle buses will be provided between the new and old pavilions for exhibitors and visitors.

Vi. Scope of exhibits:

Exhibition products bulk pharmaceutical raw materials, emulsifying agent, melting agent, herbal tea, intermediates, ointment, phospholipids, sweeteners, lubricants, coating materials, pigments, cosmetics raw materials, interferon, diagnostic reagents, fine chemicals, colloid, medicinal plants, serum and vaccine, suppositories, and tablet, active ingredients, amino acids, antibiotic, antibacterial, antiseptic, enzymes, hormones and synthetic products, capsule, animal and plant extracts, moisturizing agents, antioxidants, catalysts, etc.